Recommended for 2-12 Players

Difficulty Level: Difficult 

The government has said that everything is legal for one day only each year- this is called the Purge.  This year during the purge, you and your team have been captured by an angry co-worker, and locked in your office building.  


You and your team have one hour to escape the Purge Master, or risk being PURGED!


Recommended for 2-8 Players

Difficulty Level: Intermediate 

The Caribbean, 1702

Your ship has been commandeered, and you and your crew mates have been captured by pirates!  Having been at sea for many days, the pirates decided to anchor near shore to fetch supplies, leaving you alone on the ship.  To keep you from escaping, the pirates have created many steps to unlocking the ships doors. 


You and your crew have one hour to disable the ship's lock system and escape the pirate's ship in order to survive!